snower tattoo What I offer you
Originality Every tattoo is unique and it is designed just for you.
Precision Every tattoo is precise work, your satisfaction is the most important thing for me.
Quality I use only high quality equipment and colors.
Mirek Pliczka a.k.a. snower tattoo
I am young and creative tattoo artist and I have been doing this since 2011.

I experimented with design, painting and sketching since high school. My first experience with tattoo decided where I will put my creativity and attention to detail. Tattoo became my passion, entertainment and at last my job.

From 2017, I also host in the German studio Boom Tattoo and Piercing. I gather not only more experience, inspiration, but also participation in major international competitions.

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Tattoo care
How to care for fresh tattoos?

After removing the foil, wash it with cold water and antibacterial soap (Protex, Dettol). We recommend removing the foil within 3 hours after tattooing. Check it after about 10 minutes,tattoo should be "dry". If transparent droplets (blood plasma) appear on it, the tattoo needs to be washed again.

First week with new tattoo

We recommend not to apply any cream within first 2-3 days! After 2-3 days, when the tattoo "dries", you can start to carefully apply cream (Bepanthen Plus). Always wipe the tattoo clean, about 15 minutes after washing. It is important that the tattoo is always cleaned so that the cream does not coat on it. Tattooing is basically an open wound, so the tattoo could begin to wet under the layers of the cream.

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